Here are some statistics that might surprise you:

Every Second . . .
$3,075.64 is spent on pornography – 28,258 people are viewing pornography – 372 people are typing adult search terms

There are 4.2 Million pornographic websites (12% of total websites)

Daily, there are 68 Million pornographic search engine requests (25% of total requests)

34% of Average Internet Users receive unwanted pornographic exposure

42.7% Of internet users view pornography

Is YOUR Home Safe?
The truth is, many of you reading this right now may have a struggle with internet pornography or there is someone in your home who does.  Many have struggled with this sin. Even those who call themselves “Born Again” can and will fall prey. You can make a positive step towards blocking this content from being in your home.

Our Recommended Process to make Your Home  Safe:
We have put together some resources that we feel adequately block of inappropriate content from your home network, computer and even your cell phones. In fact, several of the leadership here at CCES use these steps in our own homes.

* The first thing you should do is pray and ask God for His direction in this matter.  After that, talk to your family/husband/wife about the dangers present online. The best way to deal with these struggles is an open path of communication.

    • OpenDNS Parental Control Solution – DNS stands for “Dynamic Name Servers” and they are the addresses your computer network goes to as it reaches out into the internet. OpenDNS is a FREE service that walks you thru changing these DNS numbers and then gives you a password locked Dashboard to filter out bad content. The nice thing about this service is, it happens at your router. Anything, wired or wireless in your home, must go through this router and WILL be fitered. Nothing gets past. WE RECOMMEND letting the wife (or a good friend) pick and set the password after the settings are in place.


    • K9 Web Protection for PC – Another FREE Resource, K9 has similar process of blocking objectionable content. The difference is, K9 must be installed on all computers for it to work. It also allows for filtering of YouTube searches and Google Image Search (though there are some issues we will address). K9 is also password protected and  WE RECOMMEND letting the wife (or a good friend) pick and set the password after the settings are in place.


    • Google Image Safe Search LOCK – Unfortunately, the Safe Search Lock in K9 often does not function due to programing on Goggles end. If you wish to make sure that no images that are inappropriate can be searched for in Google’s Image search, you can lock this setting ON. It is as easy as having the “KEEPER OF THE PASSWORDS” log on or create a Google (gmail) account and follow the instructions to lock Safe Search on. Only the account that sets this up can remove the lock.


    • K9 Web Protection for SmartPhone – There is no direct link here to the app’s, but search for K9 in your app market. It is available for Android and IOS, so all phones are covered (not sure about Windows Phones). On Smartphones, the controls are similar to PC and also allows for blocking of app markets. Again, this is a password protected app so WE RECOMMEND letting the wife (or a good friend) pick and set the password after the settings are in place.


    • One last suggestion…. whomever the main password holder is should use an email address that is all their own. This email address should be password protected so any correspondence between these program and the chosen admin is kept secure and out of the hands of those who may be tempted to get past this security.

WE RECOMMEND that you use all 5 of these resources at the same time. They will give you the most possible protection to cover all bases and best of all… it’s all FREE! Each link will give you the needed instructions to set everything up to keep your family safe and protected. If you come across any other resources that you would like to share with us, please feel free to email the site admin at We will gladly review them.