Embrace Grace

Unplanned Pregnancy?    You are not alone.

Having an unplanned pregnancy can be a time of mixed and bittersweet emotions but the one thing you need to know is that you are not alone. Embrace Grace was designed to help support and encourage girls with a crisis pregnancy and provide spiritual and emotional support on your pregnancy journey.

Often part of the struggle is trying to find people that can relate to your situation and understand all of the highs and lows of emotions that you are experiencing. By joining a local Embrace Grace Chapter you will have the opportunity to meet other moms who can relate to how you feel and where you are in your journey – the same as you.

We are here for you and want you to know that things like your emotions and your situation will get better. This isn’t the end of your life … it’s just the beginning. It’s a new season and a fresh start because a baby is coming into your life.

Don’t go this alone! Please…Please…Contact us today and let us be there for you!

Geri Reynolds or Jennifer Edwards
Cell: (719) 645-4456 or Office: (719) 577-4693