Marriage and Counseling

Covenant Keeper Articles – Covenant Keepers is an outreach ministry of Calvary Chapel Arroyo Grande and they believe that God’s Word supplies all the answers needed to enable a loving relationship with your spouse that will glorify God. Through their publication of Covenant Keepers, they strengthen the Biblical approach to counseling marriages. More than “just” marriage helps, this site has tons of free downloadable PDF’s on a wide range of relationship issues. And ALL of it is grounded in God’s Word

Pre-Marital Counseling Questionnaire – If you have desire to be married at CCES, there are a few requirements. One of those requirement is Pre-Marital Counseling. It must be performed by one of our pastoral or leadership staff and happens only after an initial meeting with a pastor. This questionnaire is the first step in the process. This form must be printed, completely filled out and submitted to Pastor Tracy Dodson a minimum of six months prior to the wedding date.


Spiritual Gifts Survey – This survey consists of a number of statements about ideas, attitudes, and behavior that may or may not be true about you. Each statement should be evaluated as to whether it is truly representative of you or not. The key to an accurate assessment of your Spiritual Gifts is a prayerful, spirit-lead evaluation of every question. For right now, this is a test you must print out (or grab one from the church-no online version YET) and take manually. So take the test, a pencil or pen and find a quiet place to contemplate each question asked. It’s TRULY that important! You will find a full set of instruction at the begging of the test.

Volunteer Application – At CCES, it takes and Army to make everything happen. From the parking lot to the back of the storage spaces, it is people using their gifts and talents to minister to one another that make CCES such a great place. That said… Are YOU a part of the team? Are YOU using your gifts and talents to serve others in the body? What do YOU have to offer? Take our NEW online Volunteer Application!

Background Consent Form – At CCES, we work hard to protect the young lives that we have the blessing to minister to each week. If you have the desire to work with youth and/or children, a background check is required. This check is FREE to you. Please print this document, fill it out and drop it off at Pastor Tracy’s office for processing. (you may also get a copy from our church office).

Biblical/Study Resources

Which Bible translation is best? – The Bible: It tops the best seller lists every year; nothing beats it or even comes close.  World sales of the Bible are more than 100 million every year; from 1815 to 1975 more than 2.5 BILLION were sold! But I am asked many times, “Which version of the Bible is the best?” Some are confused as to how to choose a Bible today with literally hundreds of types, styles and versions to chose from.