Biblical Counseling

Are you struggling personally?
Is your marriage in a bad/difficult place?
Is your family broken apart?

Do you carry around wounds from your past that are affecting your everyday walk?
If so, you may benefit from Biblical Counseling.

Biblical counseling is any gentle instruction, encouragement, or rebuke of one brother or sister in Christ to another brother or sister in Christ. It happens both informally, (ie. while standing around after church), as well as formally, (ie. in a pastor’s office). It reflects and is based on sound Biblical teaching and a dependence on a risen Lord. It is a Spirit-driven meeting that creates an atmosphere where there is comfort and safety for one or more people to express their issues.

At CCES, all counseling is offered FREE OF CHARGE and is overseen by our Pastoral Staff. If you are in a difficult place and need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate. Contact us, set up an appointment and let’s talk. “God always has an answer!”

Head Counselor
Pastor Tracy Dodson
(719) 577-4693

Counseling Request Form: