All of the services at Calvary Chapel Eastside are focused on Worship, Bible Study, Prayer and Fellowship. We believe this is modeled for believers in the New Testament and should be our example as well.

Before you visit CCES, you may have a few questions:

How do I dress?

Too often as humans, we look at outward appearances. God does not. He cares about your heart. The same is true here at CCES. When we gather together for services, we come for one reason only: To grow in our relationship with God. So how should you dress? How ever you want. Jeans, shorts, a dress or a suit. Flip-flops or dress shoes. The choice is yours. We only ask that it is modest.


Why so much Worship?

To CCES, worship is a big part of who we are. We have found that our worship time draws us closer to God, opens our hearts and allows His word to penetrate our lives that much easier. We believe that worship is just as important as the teaching. We have a FULL band that plays a variety of contemporary worship music that you might hear on christian radio. We love worship and we hope you do too!


How does the pastor preach?

At CCES, like most other Calvary Chapels, you will hear the unedited Word of God. Each week, our pastor teaches “verse-by-verse” through the Word. We find this beneficial as we walk in the leading of the Word– we never skip a verse. We cover it all!  This is helpful because each week you will know what to study before the next time we gather. On occasion, the Spirit may lead Pastor Jim or any of our pastors to expand on a certain topic in the midst of verse-by-verse series.